Kaufman County Outer Loop

The existing roadways in and around Kaufman County do not provide adequate mobility or regional connectivity. Residential and commercial developments are coming to the area at a rapid pace, bringing more people and traffic to the region. Our current transportation system will not be able to accommodate forecasted travel demands and projected population growth.

The 9-mile Kaufman County Outer Loop (KCOL) is a joint effort between Kaufman County and the Texas Department of Transportation that is part of a larger movement to achieve greater regional connectivity.

Project Benefits

  • Improved access across the eastern part of the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Positive impact on congested urban areas in the region

Project Map

Zoom in and pan around to view the Study Area.

Project Development Process

We’re in the early phases of developing the KCOL. First we'll evaluate the preliminary project alignments, then we will narrow those down to the conceptual options, and lastly we will narrow down to the reasonable alternative. We will then prepare an environmental document to outline our findings, the preferred alternative, and how it will further connect the region.

Input from the public is important and conisdered at every phase of project development. Graphic shows feasiblity study taking 1-2 years, Environmental Study and Design Schematic 1.5tears, Final Design, Consstruction Plans, Cost Estimates and Utilities coordination 2-3 years, and Phased Construction 2-5 years  (Per phase once funding is identified). Corridor prevenation through land use planning and purchases throughout entire project. No funding has been comitted to date as of August 2023.

Documents & Resources

Over time, this is where we’ll publish important project documents, public meeting materials, and more!

Project Schedule*

The Kaufman County Outer Loop project began in fall 2022 and the Environmental Assessment is expected to be finalized in spring 2025. The first stakeholder and public engagement events were held in fall 2022 and will continue throughout project development.

Project schedule: Project Open House November 2022, Reasonable Alternatives for Further COnsideration Summer 2023,Scoping Meeting Fall 2023, Notice of Intent Fall 2023, Fall Public Meeting Fall 2024, 95% Schematic Winter 2024, Draft Environmental Impact Statement Winter 2025, Public Hearing Winter 2025, Final Environmental Impact Statement/Record of Decision Fall 2025